Go Better Recently Unveiled Two New Chocolate Variants

As health and wellness continues to be a priority for many consumers, many are looking for keto-friendly treats like the new Go Better chocolates. The brand recently launched two new sugar-free and low-carb options – the Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and the Milk Chocolate Bark with Salted Peanuts – just in time for National Peanut Month (this March) and National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (on March 1st).

The new better-for-you chocolates will appeal to keto followers, diabetics, and conscious eaters as an ideal option to indulge while following their dietary restrictions. Consumers can purchase these treats online on Amazon or directly from Go Better's platform. The Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups are priced at $14.99 for a 7.5oz bag and the Milk Chocolate Bark with Salted Peanuts is available for $17.99 for two 5.5oz bags.

Image Credit: Go Better

Go Better Keto Cups (2 Pack)

If You're Craving: A freakin' Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Shh...we won't tell your family where you choose to hide these little chocolate treats, which have no artificial sugar or sweeteners and zero net carbs. Sometimes, the keto gods give with two hands!

Go Better Keto Cups

I don't follow a keto diet, but when I'm hankering for something sweet, Go Better Keto Cups are my go-to. The decadent dark chocolate almond butter cups are my favorite with only 1 net gram of carbs and 140 calories for three pieces! It also comes in hazelnut butter and coconut flavors. If you love a salty-sweet confection, try the brand's milk chocolate bark with salted almonds. All candies are naturally sweetened with allulose and monk fruit.

Health and Wellness Holiday Gifts for Entrepreneurs and Loved Ones

Go Better Keto Dark Chocolate Bar One a Day

Give the gift of better-for-you chocolate this year to the Keto followers & health conscious people in your life. Crafted with simple, good for you ingredients and containing ZERO net carbs and no sugar alcohols, sugar, gluten or dairy, these bars are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth, while helping you stay disciplined. With a piece for every day of the week and a delicious dark chocolate taste, these bars are perfect as stocking stuffers or even to lay out for Santa in lieu of cookies!
Available on Amazon for $19.99 — pack of 4

Go Better Keto Milk Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Bark is especially popular during the holiday season and Go Better offers a delicious way to enjoy it for those following a Keto diet or with dietary restrictions. Go Better Milk Chocolate Bark has 3 whole roasted almonds on each square, contains only the good fats, and only has 1 net carb per serving. The bark is packaged in resealable bags, making snacking on the go easier than ever.

Available on Amazon for $17.99 — 2 bags.

• Go Better Keto Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cups

These hazelnut butter cups are an indulgent alternative to Nutella and other chocolate hazelnut spreads, most of which are loaded with sugar. They boast 0 grams of net carbs, as they contain both fiber and allulose. Additionally, they’re vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, and preservative-free. Net carbs: 0 grams per 4-piece (32-gram) serving Price: $$

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